December 6, 2023

Former NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines recently participated in a Bible discussion when she got mocked for her renowned fight for women’s rights. However, the 23-year-old did not back off from giving a befitting reply to the fan.

Gaines has been passionately fighting to establish women’s rights and security in sports and other premises of human society. Her mission intensified in 2020 when she was asked by the swimming authorities to adjust with the female transgender swimmer, Lia Thomas, in a girls’ locker room during the NCAA Championships.Later on, Gains along with her teammates complained about Thomas exposing her male genitalia to the girls, which made them feel extremely uncomfortable and traumatic.

Both Riley Gaines and Lia Thomas were tied for fifth place in the women’s 200-yard freestyle event at the NCAA finals. But the award was ultimately given to Thomas.

After her NCAA experience, Riley Gaines realized that in the attempt to make the transgender community feel included in the sports field, the rights and opportunities of women were being sidelined. Hence, she began her protest about securing women’s rights. However, in doing so, Gaines had to face hate and trolling as well.

Recently, an X (formerly Twitter) user shared a thought-provoking question that read:

“Do You Believe The Bible is Playing Out in Real Time Right Now?”
To this, Gaines replied:

“The Bible is playing out in real time right now and always. Paul warns us the spiritual battles will intensify as the end times draw closer. Dark will be seen as light, bitter as sweet, and evil as moral. It’s undeniable that’s what we’re living through, but we know the outcome.”As soon as she posted her opinion, another X user responded by trolling:

However, the swimmer did not back off from getting into a spat with her troller. She commented:

“You sound just like the authority figures who told me to “be quiet” when faced with the injustice of a man in our sports and locker rooms. No.”Riley Gaines hits back at the transgender community for criticizing her

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